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Nov 04, 2022 · By Phil James Last updated Oct 7, 2022. This Super Smash Bros Ultimate Characters Tier List gives you the best melee, sword, and ranged fighters in ranked order. With over 80 playable characters it might seem hard to find the best fighters, but we have ranked them in best to worst from S Tier to F Tier for your convenience..

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Welcome to the Daily Discussion Thread series on r/smashbros! Inspired by r/SSBM and r/hiphopheads's DDTs, you can post here: General questions about Smash . General discussion.

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Official r/smashbros Tier List: September & October 2022. TOP TIER - Sonic Roy Kazuya Palutena Wolf Fox Peach/Daisy () Pacman MinMin Pokemon Trainer. HIGH TIER + Game and Watch Snake Wario Lucina Mario Cloud Diddy Kong Shulk Olimar Zero Suit Samus Terry Samus () Young Link Yoshi Ness Byleth Sheik Mii Brawler Sephiroth.

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